Six marketing tips for small town photographers

Trust me when I say marketing is the most challenging aspect of business. Most small-town photographers find it difficult to market their services.  I would show you some tips you can use to market yourself in a small town, read on:

  1. Start a blog. When you have a blog, people tend to see you differently (as an authority). For example, if you shot a wedding and wrote a post about it mentioning the venue name a few times (like 3-5 times), you might end up ranking higher when the venue’s name is searched. This would drive massive traffic to your website, and you might also get sales.
  1. Personal projects. Doing personal projects that center on your community is an excellent way to add to your portfolio and increase your visibility. You should also consider doing long personal projects as it will help you gain reach within the photography community. Apart from that, people will start following your works and engaging in your posts just to see the long personal projects.

  1. Make use of the mouth. If you can take advantage of “word of mouth,” then your business is going to get popular in no time. People tend to trust the judgments of their family and friends. Word of mouth is the major way to market your photography business in a small town.
  1. Encourage people to refer you to others. You need to be able to encourage your customers to refer you to other people. For instance, you can offer a free shoot for people who refer you to other clients. With doing this, there is no limit to the number of referrals you can get. This way, you are allowing your customers work for you through word of mouth.
  1. Promo video. It’s no doubt that people are more attracted to videos than photos. Shooting a promo video is a nice way to show off your skills and the way you work. You should also try to add emotional connections in the video so that it can reach out to your customer in the best way. You don’t want your customers to watch your videos and feel nothing, so sending the right message through the videos matter. Show your clients a side of you, what you are? Who you are? Make them feel like they know you personally.
    1. Use SEO. Since you have a blog, take full advantage of SEO. SEO would drive massive traffic to your website, and that would promote you and your services.